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Now, the tide is turning in this old debate, in a way that might transform our understanding of the early peoples of the Golden State.This is known as the "transpacific diffusion" hypothesis."The dominant paradigm in American archaeology for the past 60 or more years has been anti-diffusionist, and our findings are already stimulating a rethinking of that paradigm," Klar told The Chronicle.

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Begin with an email The main goal when establishing contact with a potential date is to get a response from them.

That's why sending an email can be an ideal option because it allows you to take your time and think about what to say.

That discovery seemed to undermine a major plank of the critics' old argument: that Polynesian travel to the Americas was physically impossible.

Still, direct evidence for Polynesian contact with North America has been scarce.

No matter what happens, never barrage one person with multiple emails.

Instead, keep up with their pace to avoid scaring them away.

Avoid writing long emails because not many people find it interesting to read long, personal mails unless they know the person well.

Go for charming and short when writing your emails, just like you would flirt with someone in person.

In your first email, it's important that you write a bit – but not too much – about yourself.


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  3. "It's easy sometimes for them to break apart," he said. "I said, the reason I can stand in front of you guys and feel extremely comfortable with my decision, is I gave my soul to this game, until I had no more left to give. If you guys feel that way at the end of your careers, you'll feel just as comfortable as I am. If you don't give it your all, you're going to regret it.

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