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"Unfortunately, this increased amount of arousals uses up precious fat reserves and forces the hungry bat to leave the hibernaculum in the dead of winter to hunt for food."There are no flying insects to feed upon during the colder months and, ultimately, the bat becomes dehydrated and starves to death."The decline at the Glen Lyon mine began in 2010.

The estimated population of 1,500 bats makes it one of the best locations left in the state, Greg said, and there are no sites showing any type of increase. Two researchers went inside the mine, and instead of hauling up a basket of bats, one researcher gingerly held onto a single little brown bat.

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The harp trap consists of two rows of fishing lines strung vertically across the mine entrance.

The length and width of the lines depend on the size of the opening.

When installed correctly, the trap resembles the long strings of a harp.

It is well-known that bats navigate effectively at night through the use of sonar detection, but the close proximity of the aligned rows of lines is too close for comfort for the bats.

I learned that the majority of bats captured have been adults.

By monitoring bat populations at winter hibernaculums, the Pennsylvania Game Commission biologists are better understanding how the syndrome is affecting bats.

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It was seven years ago, but I can still remember it as if it was yesterday.

A continuous flow of cool air rushed out from the mine and across our bodies.

Before we could step foot inside the opening, hundreds of flapping wings dodged between us like fighter jets in full pursuit.

Chatter echoed throughout the cave and high from above.

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