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There were more than 1,100 fatalities, 313 of which occurred within Padang.Padang is exactly at the antipodes of Esmeraldas, Ecuador.In 1663 the city came under the authority of the Dutch and a trading post was built in 1680.

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Before Indonesia's independence, Padang was one of the major cities in the Dutch East Indies.

During the 16th and 17th centuries pepper was cultivated and traded with India, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

This was seen by some observers as reflecting the economic and political colonisation of Indonesia.

On 30 September 2009, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit about 50 kilometres off the coast of Padang.

Kemudian untuk arus kendaraan dari luar kota dialihkan dengan rute menuju Simpang Taluak atau Simpang Kapela bila dari arah Padang Luar, kendaraan dari Simpang Tembok diarahkan ke Pasar Bawah menuju Mandiangin.

Selanjutnya kendaraan dari arah Ngarai Sianok dialihkan menuju depan Rumah Sakit Achmad Muchtar sampai ke Simpang Tembok, dan kendaraan dari arah Payakumbuh diarahkan ke Jalan By Pass Simpang Mandiangin.“Dengan pengaturan lalu lintas tersebut, intinya kami mengimbau pemilik kendaraan yang ingin merayakan pergantian tahun agar tidak membawa kendaraan menuju Jam Gadang karena lokasi itu disterilkan,” katanya.

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In 1833 another tsunami inundated Padang with an estimated flow depth of 3–4 meters as a result of an earthquake, estimated to be 8.6–8.9 M At the time of independence in the 1940s the city had around 50,000 inhabitants.

Coffee was still important, but copra was also a major item produced by farmers in its hinterland.

When the mines were exhausted, the focus turned to other products such as coffee, salts and textiles.

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