Questions asked on the dating game show

Questions like this are posed to see how you react under pressure.

But it is the thought of being stumped by an unexpected question that keeps even the most experienced professionals up at night.

Now job site Glassdoor has pulled together a list of the 20 toughest interview questions candidates faced over the last year - and the companies where they were asked.

Something like: 'I don’t consider myself to be selfish, but I always make sure I carve out some time in my week for something that I feel is important for my physical/mental wellbeing, such as art/ tennis/ football/ singing.'.

This is tough, but the answer the recruiter is looking for is the ethically correct response that money and commission should not come into the equation and that you, as a professional, would pick the best person for the job and for the client.6.

Everyone should be prepared to answer this question, no matter what job you are interviewing for.

There is no foolproof answer, but it’s a good idea to have thought about a list of areas that are not your biggest strengths but that would not have a direct bearing on the role that you are interviewing for.

Pick something strategic - this is the CEO, not just any old employee.

You could tie it to a recent development at the company, some news about the firm, or something that you have noticed on one of the company’s social media channels.

The might also bee seeking to find out your political inclinations.

If you are a serious maths geek, then you might have a decent chance of answering this one.

You might then consider outlining a situation where you have had a weakness in the past, yet you turned it into a strength.


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