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First of all, and perhaps most significantly of all, the quest for a life partner is one that the Chinese do not take lightly; it is an essential part of who they are as a people and as a society.There is no concept of “casual dating” in Chinese culture; these are women who mate for life.

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Slowly but surely wins the race – make this the cornerstone of your approach to Chinese dating and you won’t go wrong.

Again, Chinese women are seriously looking for The One, their Mr. Once they have made a choice, they devote their entire life loving this man.

Women of China “date” to find a mate for life – not just to test the waters and never just to satisfy a temporary need.

To the Chinese, dating is serious business about a lifelong commitment.

Online dating has had a bad rep for so long – only losers who don’t know how to pick up girls use it; dating sites are full of scammers that will bleed you dry; real relationships can’t be built online.

So what sets Chinese dating online, especially on China Love Match.net, apart?

Finding that perfect girl at the gym, a café, the park, or any other random place? Hands down, Chinese women are the better choice as a life partner, when compared to western women, and countless western men know this to be true!

The best way to meet them and to find your one true love is through serious Chinese dating on CLM!

So when one of these women decides you are her man, you can trust her to love you and care for you until death do you part!


  1. If you are someone who falls into this category and want to find a dating website like Tinder, then you don’t have to feel bad.

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