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Since then, she has written/co-written: Writer : AIDA FITRI BUYONG EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR PESONA PICTURESSENIOR EXECUTIVE PRODUCER PRODUCTION DESIGN SUPERVISOR BA (Hons) in Photography, Film & Television, London College of Communications, (formerly LCP), University of the Arts London Foundation Diploma in Fine Arts & Design, Medway College of Design Kent England •1985 - Graduated and remained in London working on documentaries for Nicaragua as researcher for the Lambeth Council – made for Granada TV•1987 - Returned to Malaysia, worked as freelance Assistant Director and Line Producer for various TV productions, Commercials, Stage Productions and Feature length Movies.•1989 - Joined TV3 as Assistant Producer for the Drama Department •1993 - Founding member of Pesona Pictures lead by Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba •With 20 years of experience behind her, she has established herself as a major player in the film industry, having produced over 100 TV Programmes including dramas, magazine, entertainment and documentaries.She has also directed and produced and written several telemovies, drama series and several historical and cultural Documentaries.

Having established himself as a production manager for various television dramas and documentaries, he began as stage manager for theatre production "Sri Rama & Siti Dewi" & "Kunang-Kunang Gunung Ledang".

He was also involved in television commercial productions as Assistant Producer and Location manager for various advertisements such as SONY Carnival, Shell Hot Rod, Toyota Primeo, Honda & Rejoice.

After completing a film and television course at North Sydney Technical College in 1979 he went into post production audio.

In 1995 he joined Pesona Pictures were he continues to work to this day.

• Training in Production, Munich TV (Grant Prix Jeunesse Foundation) • Training in Production, Drama & Current Affairs, BBC London (Grant Colombo Plan) • Training with TV Magazine production (Thompson Foundation)-1979 • Post Graduate Diploma (Filmaking), National Film Television School, Beaconsfield, United Kingdom (Scholarship Award by British Goverment)-1983 • Director, Producer, Head of Production for RTM & TV3 • Director of Development, The National Film Board (FINAS) • Theatre (Stage) Producer & Director • Director, Writer, Film & TV Producer (Pesona Pictures) • Creative Consultant, Measat Broadcast (Astro)1996 - 1997 •1991 - SELUBUNG - Writer, Director •1994 - RINGGIT KASORRGA - Writer, Producer, Director •1997 - LAYAR LARA - Writer, Producer, Director •2000 - MIMPI MOON - Writer, Producer, Director •2004 - PONTIANAK HARUM SUNDAL MALAM -Writer, Producer, Director •2005 - PONTIANAK HARUM SUNDAL MALAM 2 - Writer, Producer, Director •2006 - WARIS JARI HANTU - Writer, Producer, Director •2007 - 1957 HATI MALAYA - Writer, Producer, Director •2011 - TANDA PUTERA - Writer, Producer, Director (A FINAS & PESONA PICTURES PRODUCTION) •2014 - REGALIA & FORGOTTEN (Screener / In Development) • Producer & Director for several dramas series & entertainment programmes.

• 2013 - ARKA - Epic Tv Mini Series on Raja Haji, Supreme Commander of the 18th century Johore Sultanate.• 2014 - APA GUNA BERJANJI (Director) • 2014 - SELAMAT PENGANTIN MADU (Producer) • Deputy President of the Malaysian Film Producers Association (PFM) • Chairman - Film & TV Sub-Committee for the Policy Implementation of the National Creative Industry Policy.• Member - Music Authors' Copyright Protection (MACP) • Member - American Film Institute • Life Member - Director’s Associations Malaysia (FDAM) • Speaker for over 70 industry and educational seminars & conventions.Ramlee belated superstar”- History Channel 2012-2013 Exec Producer, Production Designer- Movie •1999-2001 Board of Committee, Film Directors’ Association of Malaysia (FDAM).Member since 1995 •Member of Malaysian Film Producers Association •Organiser of Film Symposium 50th Asia Pacific Film Festival-“ Beyond Borders - International Outlook” •Speaker for film seminars to educational bodies, University Science, Pulau Pinang, Students Film Club, Finas, Ibrahim has been with Pesona since the beginning.As an Executive Producer and Production Designer she has overseen major award winning movies produced by Pesona Pictures.

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