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In college, I discovered that asking for help when you need it can sometimes be the only way to survive without burning out, so I am thrilled to be able to offer help to students who are brave enough to ask for it.

The city I lived in during high school didn’t have anything like the test prep industry in the Bay Area.

So began a series of fact-checking missions and frantic study sessions.

I spent most of my childhood near Boulder, Colorado.

When I was fourteen, my family and I moved to Bangalore, India, and a few days later I started high school.

Everyone perceives new information in a slightly different way; I endeavor to explain material and strategies in a way that speaks directly to the student I’m working with.

I want all my students to know that I admire them for seeking a tutor; there is no judgement involved in the process.

She being a Yoga instructor would understand the discipline in routine and life, a fitness freak like himself adheres to.

He didn’t think it would be possible to meet a woman who could be everything he dreamt of but there she was, an invite away!

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A crime committed, by any person,must be treated as a criminal offence,nothing more,nothing less.

My preparation for the SAT was aided only by a book of practice questions, but now I wish I’d known some of the brilliant strategies AJ has developed.


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  2. Her passions are social work, travel, photography, art, yoga, and learning about other cultures.

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