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They also say that many are beginning to wonder what the real relationship is between Luda and the rapper “Lil Fate”, who has remained signed to Luda’s DTP record label since its early days.

To be sure, Lil Fate has never released a record, yet he remains on the label. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m floored by this information.

Jada Pickett Smith Rapper Eve Rapper Da Brat Merv Griffin - After his death, it was revealed that Merv was gay. JC Chasez - Heard this before Jonathan Knight EJay Day Ricky Martion RJ Helton Ryan Cabrera Alicia Keys - I've seen pics of Alicia and her alleged girlfriend. His friends were concerned for HIM and they put this girl on blast in 2007. Its a magical day when that child finds out its existence was an act of convienience and not love.

Clive Davis Clay Aiken Kelly Clarkson - I want this to come out, it would explain why she's so bitter towards men in her songs. I can't believe this is still circling the internet! When he was a teenager, apparently Tevin Campbell developed a major and obvious crush on one of his mentors, Prince (Quincy Jones being another mentor).

And the livejournal headline doesn't help calling Chris Brown "miss" and calling this guy his "lover".

We want guys like Chris Brown to stroll the red carpet holding a guy's hand and telling everybody this guy is the love of his life. A friend of mine had a long term Latino fuck buddy. Being FAR from Atlanta where these rumors are whispered it had not made it in a credible fashion out to us in Hollywood. Maybe you missed it last year when celebrity publicist Jonathan Jaxson revealed Ludajuice was having sex with a gay porn star whose real name is Gordon.

Black artists continue to cry because they say white-owned record companies are ripping them off, but black men like Luda (who have their own record company) are the first to extort and exploit their own people.

Does this explain the close relationship to the young Bieber kid mentored by Usher & Diddy (other closeted GAYS)?Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Have Been Stoned and Gay Ever Since They Met This according to a musician who has recorded and toured with Whitney for years: “Her marriage to Bobby was only a marriage of convenience for both of them.They’re both gay and have had other people on the side ever since they first hooked up at the Soul Train Awards back in ‘89.No, but misogynistic closet cases would beat the shit out of their 'girlfriend' if said girlfriend wasn't getting sexed up and had to get it somewhere else.A closet-case who has his masculinity challenged is vicious and ugly. I know a lot of DL brothas and Puerto Ricans who think the same way: it's not gay, it's, you know, when there ain't no women around, nothing wrong with getting a little freaky from time to time.Prince felt very uncomfortable with this teenager expressing this and showing his attraction, and promptly excluded him from his circle, despite producing and writing a very successful single for Tevin that brought a lot of money to both of them. Hollywood Madame reveals Smith has had Dalliances with Male Prostitutes.

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