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And how did I end up having a "Diamond Account" I never gave them any money. And when they respond to your comment on their profile, it's an answer that doesn't make sense, as if they didn't even read what you'd posted... But when you play a game to search, it brings up every other country and no matches close to my home. I set it to match me with men, and there are photos of women on the top bar that you have to pay for in order for your photo to display there... I have reported several to them and they selectively block only SOME of the profiles but they allow several with blue eyed cass to remain despite my repeatedly telling them that she has a hundred profiles.You can't set any preferences for color/race either. They even acknowledge that my "report of abuse" has been noted and still refuse to block several profiles using all the same person's picture.Twoo was launched in 2011 by Massive Media, and quickly grew to be one of the biggest sites in the world in the Personals category (according to a Comscore 2012 report).

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Some may send you e-mails of so called proof as in work badge pictures, birth certificates, pictures of work sites and more or even say Babe if you love me you will help me or can you help with any amount or help your baby, don't you believe it. Think this is a scam and I am going to report them and forward a copy of the email I received to the authorities. No one can make a move on it, as it has a lot of come- a-longs to get you to reveal your Credit card information, Right ?!? So watch out I think TWOO is major scam and a ### site! They've blocked me saying that I have logged in from a public computer in an internet cafe which was blocked. More than half of the account holders on this site are fake. I think I am about to be banned because I asked questions about the sites fraudulent policies.

This is a scam and some are very good at it and may convince you. I never signed up, yet it took pics off my Facebook account. When I try to edit my account to cancel it, says page cannot be found. This is the message they sent me "I am really sorry for this situation. In order to do so I need to ask you to send us a copy of your ID card or any other document showing your personal details. Regards, Sylwia Team Twoo" Have removed my photos and wiped out my profile. Please Paste this warning where ever you can Please re-post this as a warning to all your contacts.

Found someone interesting who thinks the same about you?

We aim to hook you up as fast as possible - and this on the speediest website ever!

This widens the reach and user base of the app, but it also makes the intentions of why members sign up for Twoo a little murky.

Are they there to date, find a relationship, to make friends, or is it a place for casual hook-ups to flourish?

When I signed up with an email, all of my email contacts were listed and selected with checkmarks on the next screen, and if I clicked “next” instead of scrolling down to choose “skip,” I would give Twoo permission to send email invitations to join to all of my email contacts (though it didn’t explicitly state this would happen).

I would need to deselect each contact first before continuing.

All attempts to contact the complainant have failed.

Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned. Could you please send us the email address linked with your account on Twoo?

If you recieve an invitation to join Twoo, offering games and chat, Ignore and delete.

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