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Focusing on getting out of debt with the right tools comes first.

Your credit reports and credit score will heal and bounce back given time.

If most of your liabilities include other types (tax debt, unpaid child support or old parking tickets, for instance), these plans won't help.

On the other hand, most people who go into a DMP do so because they're already stumbling and missing payments, so making timely and consistent payments through the service can help their reports.

Clearly, consolidating debts through a debt management plan with credit counseling agency can be helpful, but you may also be able to achieve the same results on your own. Suspend charging and request rate reductions from each of your creditors.

If you have enough cash left over after subtracting expenses from income, consolidation will be presented along with other options. How do you know if a debt management plan will work in your favor?

When a counselor is knowledgeable and compassionate, these sessions can be enlightening and motivating. If he or she acts bored, judgmental or pushy, request a different counselor. First, the bulk of your balances should be in unsecured debts, such as credit and charge cards, personal loans and, sometimes, collection accounts.

Along with the recession came more strict credit risk modeling by lenders.

This has led to a reduction in lending because more attention is being given to lending criteria other than your Vantage and FICO credit scores.

Also, while a DMP is not factored into a credit score, some creditors note that you're paying through a third party, which can be a red flag to a lender or anyone else looking at the report. It shows that they need help paying their bills," says Stuart Davis, a senior loan consultant for Princeton Capital out of Los Gatos, California.

According to their underwriters, the plan needs to be complete before they will make a loan.

If they turn you down, make a few larger than average payments and try again.


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