Ecuador sex isotopes as tracer in carbon dating

These so-called reparative therapy clinics are run privately, so their funding comes mostly -if not entirely- from patients and their families, and are usually disguised as alcohol and drug rehabilitations centers.

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Paola Paredes, an Ecuadorian photographer and activist, shared with COHA: “I feel that as of now, the Ministry of health has become more active in controlling these centers.

However, (…), it’s the web of corruption and mafias that keep the Ministry of Health from conducting their job.

They assured me that there is no corruption exists in the Ministry, only outside.

It’s hard to know what is the truth at times.” that homosexuals in Ecuador “do not feel protected by the state,” and that numerous activist groups had organized a lawsuit against the government, judging it for its poor efforts in addressing this problem.

I have heard even that the corruption comes from inside the Ministry of Health.

The day I interviewed the Ministry of Health, the two subjects I interviewed were (…) gay and very much devoted to the cause.Even though these stories are not included in statistical records, they are a significant and indeed troublesome part of Ecuadorian society and, ultimately, history.The Ecuadorian government has been fairly inactive in addressing this problem, adopting a rather passive approach and, while implementing policies to delegitimize this deeply disturbing activity, not investing enough resources to combat it.Paredes, “they mentioned they believe the clinics have now become even more clandestine and more remote, given the media attention in 2011-2012.Some activist groups mentioned they are now conducting therapy in churches.”, the Auxiliary Bishop of Guayaquil said that “homosexuality is against natural law and “can of course be cured.” He added, “the homosexual tendency is not a moral evil but to practice this tendency is a sin.What concerns us is that we have reports about their methods to change a person’s sexual orientation in treatments that include torture and human rights violations.” Shortly after CNN’s visit to the clinic, two raids were conducted in which over 40 people who were held against their will were liberated.


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