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An ordinance or the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that from henceforth no moneys clipt, filed, or deminished, shall be payable, or received in payment within this kingdom. A discourse of the plague containing the nature, causes, signs, and presages of the pestilence in general, together with the state of the present contagion : also most rational preservatives for families, and choice curative medicines both for rich and poor, with several waies for purifying the air in houses, streets, etc.

An additionall ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in the Parliament of England for the more full indempnity of the officers and souldiers who have acted by authority, and for the service of the Parliament. Whereas the Lords in Parliament assembled, did upon the first of this instant February order, that a declaration should be printed and published, wherein amongst other things it was declared that the committees of the severall counties of England and dominion of Wales ought not to obey any order for the taking off or suspending any sequestrations untill a committee or commissioners for that purpose should be setled by ordidinance [sic] of Parliament ... Discourse of the peerage & jurisdiction of the Lords spirituall in Parliament proving from the fundamental laws of the land, the testimony of the most renowned authors, and the practice of all ages : that have no right in claiming any jurisdiction in capital matters.

An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for enabling a committee in the county of Kent to put in execution all former ordinances of Parliament concerning indempnity. Whereas the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, by an ordinance of the 14. did for severall reasons in the said ordinance mentioned, prohibite all ships and other vessels, to carry provisions of victualls, armes, or money, unto New-castle, Sunderland, or Blithe, ... Ordered by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that Richard Osborne may within fourty dayes after the date hereof, come with safety to his person to make good the allegations mentioned in his letters, ... Ordered by the Parliament, that the officers belonging to the recruits and forces which now are, or hereafter shall be raised for the service of this Commonwealth in Ireland, do constantly attend their respective charges; ... By a Fellow of the Royal Society· To which are annexed by the publisher (for the affinity of the subjects) some advices about judging of things said to transcend reason. A discourse on fornication shewing the greatness of that sin, and examining the excuses pleaded for it, from the examples of antient times : to which is added an appendix concerning concubinage : as also a remark on Mr. A discourse sent to the late King James, to persuade him to embrace the Protestant religion by Dr.

An order of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament concerning all officers and soldiers that have served the Parliament under the command and pay of particular committees. A discourse setting forth the unhappy condition of the practice of physick in London and offering some means to put it into a better, for the interest of patients, no less, or rather much more, then of physicians / by Jonathan Goddard ...

Ordered by the Lords and Commons assembled, that there be a stop and stay of demolishing, or defacing of, or committing waste in the houses and lands, or any of them belonging to the Kings majestie that are not sold ... Resolves of Parliament, for the suspending and making void of all licenses granted or to be granted to any persons comprised within the late Act for removing delinquents from London and Westminster, and twenty miles thereof. Samuel Parker, Late Lord Bishop of Oxford ; to which are prefixed two letters ; the first, from Sir Leolyn Jenkins, on the same subject, the second, from the said bishop, with the discourse ; printed from the original manuscript papers, without observation or reflection.

Dialling made easy, or, Tables calculated for the latitude of Oxford (but will serve without sensible difference for most parts of England) by the help of which, and a line of chords, the hour-lines may quickly and exactly be described upon most sorts of useful dials : with some brief directions for making two sorts of spot dials / by T. Ane dialog betuix Experience and ane courteour off the miserabyll estait of the warld. Desiderius Erasmus intituled [the] pylgremage of pure deuotyon. Dialogicall discourses of spirits and divels declaring their proper essence, natures, dispositions, and operations, their possessions and dispossessions : with other the appendantes, peculiarly appertaining to those speciall points, verie conducent, and pertinent to the timely procuring of some Christian conformitie in iudgement, for the peaceable compounding of the late sprong controuersies concerning all such intricate and difficult doubts / by [brace] Iohn Deacon, Iohn Walker... It is this day ordered by [the] Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that no person or persons whatsoever, doe at any time from henceforth buy, sell, or take to pawn or exchange any horse, horses, muskets carabines, ... Purposely written at the first by way of a confutation, against a booke of Richard Smith of Oxford, D. And now first published by the said Christopher Carlile, 1582.

Los Senores y Communes del Parlamento aviendo recevido ynformacion por los mercaderes estrangeros y otros que trattan de traer plata a este reyno, que sus correspondientes residentes en las partes ultra marinas an concebido algunos temores y zelos que les desanima en remittir la dichaplata a este reyno, sigun lo solian hazer.... A dialoge or communication of two persons deuysyd and set forthe in the late[n] tonge, by the noble and famose clarke. Also an interpretation vpon the second Epistle of S. A discourse written by Sir George Downing, the King of Great Britain's envoy extraordinary to the states of the United Provinces vindicating his royal master from the insolencies of a scandalous libel, printed under the title of (An extract out of the register of the States General of the United Provinces, upon the memorial of Sir George Downing, envoy, &c.), and delivered by the agent De Hyde for such to several publick ministers : whereas no such resolution was ever communicated to the said envoy, nor any answer returned at all by their lordships to the said memorial : whereunto is added a relation of some former and later proceedings of the Hollanders / by a meaner hand. The second sufficientlye setting foorth vnto vs Christians, what we are to conceiue, touching the descension of our Sauiour Christ into hell: publiquely disputed at a commencement in Cambridge, anno Domini 1552.

A dialogue between a popish priest, and an English Protestant. Harrington, for the true cause of the Commonvvealth. Prin's (perditory) anatomy of the Republick, and his true and perfect narrative, &c. Baxter's (purgatory) pills for the Army: and his wounding answer to the healing question. Documentall sentences eauen-as those-same were spoken-fourth by HN, and writen-vp out of the woordes of his mouth. Relating pleasant stories for to bind her and all to make her unto him prove kinder. Compiled by Alexander Hume Maister of the high schoole of Edinburgh. Discourses upon Cornelius Tacitus written in Italian by the learned Marquesse Virgilio Malvezzi ; dedicated to the Serenissimo Ferdinand the Second, Great Duke of Thuscany ; and translated into English by Sir Richard Baker, Knight. The discoverie of a publique spirit: presented in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons at Margarets Westminster, at their publique fast, March 26. By Thomas White A discoverie of the hellish plot against divers particular of the nobility of the kingdome of England also the papists gvnpowder-plot brought to light : with the copie of a letter sent from a noble-man in Ireland to Colonel Lunsford, Jan.

Wherein the principal points and arguments of both religions are truly proposed, and fully examined. A dialogue between a pædo-baptist and an anti-pædo-baptist containing the strength of arguments offered on both sides at the Portsmouth disputation, with the addition of a few more arguments then ready to be offered in vindication of infant baptism / by Samuel Chandler and William Leigh. 283 Full of manie fruitfull lessons, auaileable to the leading of a godlie and reformed life: by Abraham Fleming. With some soft reflections upon his Catholick (or rather Cathulactick) key; and an examen of the late petition of the sixth of July to this Parliament. And are by him perused, and more-distinctlie declared. And so in love at last they live together with pleasant dayes enjoying one another. A discoursiue probleme concerning prophesies how far they are to be valued, or credited, according to the surest rules, and directions in diuinitie, philosophie, astrologie, and other learning: deuised especially in abatement of the terrible threatenings, and menaces, peremptorily denounced against the kingdoms, and states of the world, this present famous yeere, 1588, supposed the greatwonderfull, and fatall yeere of our age. 11, 1642 : shewing in a most true and reall reiation the manner how this hellish plot was laid and how these noble pillars of Protestant-religion the Earl of Cork, the Earl of Kildare and the valourous Lord Iones should have been blown up : as also hovv they intended to burn dovvn the citie of Dublin vvith wild-fire and how they were beaten back by the lord chief-justices in the castles.

: and also helps for palsies, plurisies, cholick, convulsions in limbs ...

A discourse shewing the nature of the gout with directions to such remedies as will immediately take away the pain ...

A dialogue concerning witches and witchcraftes In which is laide open how craftely the Diuell deceiueth not onely the witches but many other and so leadeth them awrie into many great errours. A dialogue full of pithe and pleasure: betvveene three phylosophers: Antonio, Meandro, and Dinarco vpon the dignitie, or indignitie of man. A dialogue suppos'd to be between a evnuch boy and a virgin sung by Bowen and Mrs. Pym and the rest of the committes of the House of Commons / from the Committes of Scotland, Octob. Written by William Twisse, Doctor of Divinitie, as they say, from whom the copie came to the presse A discovery of divine mysteries wherein is unfoulded secret things of the kingdom of God, being a testimony ...

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