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In my time doing college ministry, I’ve seen God dramatically change the hearts of women, also.

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Not just their behavior but their entire reason for being.

To paint a picture of the gospel’s power, here’s some autobiographical prose from Marty, one of the students whose life was radically altered: Full disclosure: not every dude involved in Cru can tell pre-conversion tales of glocks, gang fights, and cocaine.

At first, I found this a curious choice for a name: it reminded me of an infomercial I once saw at AM.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize how the new name is relevant to the human experience.

For others, maybe the promise of glory or riches awarded for bravery and valor.

In some cases, it’s sheer insanity or inanity (see any episode of Jackass ).

Even his name was (eventually) changed from Saul (the name of Israel’s first king), meaning “asked of,” to Paul, meaning “small” – which was fitting for someone who considered himself “the least of the apostles.” Augustine sums up the transformation well.

He writes of the apostle, "When he was Saul, he was proud and exalted; when he was Paul, he was lowly and little.” Paul’s message to the Thessalonians was marked by the power of God (which is how he describes the gospel in his letter to the church in Rome).

Useful for a five-part gospel-centered small group discussion or personal bible study, this look at Paul’s life and ministry helps uncover our own daily need for the gospel. In order to gain some insight into Paul’s zeal, it’s time for a little Bible Study.


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