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Initially, Deb struggled to adjust to Jane's size 16 body by refusing snacks and being horrified when she found out Jane is eight years older.

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Also, unlike Deb, Jane is distant with her parents, something Deb tries to remedy and eventually succeeds with Elaine.

As Jane, Deb is passionate in the courtroom and tries to fight for what is right as much as she can.

At the beginning of the series, the only people who knew about Jane's true identity were Fred, Jane's guardian angel, and Stacy, Deb's former best friend.

Complications arise when Deb's former fiancee Grayson Kent also comes to work for the law firm.

Obviously she’s not just hot but also talented in many ways.

Her notable movies include 17 Again, Honey 2, and Dance Fu.When Deb took over her body, she was equipped with all of Jane's legal smarts but none of her memories.Deb/Jane usually avoids suspicion by claiming the shooting affected her memory.She’s currently dating Cottrell Guidry and the couple is already engaged.Meredith and Derek, Olivia and Fitz, Rachel and Ross.In the pilot episode, Jane was shot by a disgruntled gunman who was angry at Parker for sleeping with his wife.

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