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I do not want to seem pretentious since what I do very little helps to the band Europe because I can not go to concerts which is the real help.

I say goodbye to you really want to tell John Terry Norum thanks immensely for his music, for his humanity that comes to me through the internet in a strange way.

Thank you for all your music and for your evident passion when you play, because a lot of your wonderful solos almost make me cry, and I’m really thankful that exist a great guitarist like you. Du borde Damma av stratan go back to basics och köra igenom denna superplatta kanske några xtra nya låtar som en sommar turne:) Bara en ide 🙂 Mvh Matt JOHN,when will the dvd be released? Is it gonna be old school blues rock like bag of bones or you are gonna do something bit diffirent. I was addicted to the ‘Total Control’ album when it came out and thought you picked up where Gary Moore left off. Hi John, A privilege to have a few refreshments with you in the hotel bar in Bulgaria.

I would also like to congratulate all that made possible the first John´s DVD thank you to a friend I could get it, I can not play the guitar by the fault of a disease that also prevents to me being able to be in concerts and meet John, but this DVD has meant a lot to me , I have met an artist and a great man who puts his soul In every project that John does as he is, and also helped me improve my English, I want tell thank you for the perfect translation into Spanish.

I think I’m getting too heavy, but maybe the miracle happens and John himself reads this text some day.

And of course thank your webmaster and your team all your unpayable help, without your help many things would not be possible. Har du någon kontakt idag med de andra som var med på skivan ? Hoppas det kommer mer musik ifrån dig framöver, och att du får ett långt och fint liv. // Ödmjuka hälsningar från Per Hi Mister John Norum!? I quite enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author. Each time you find yourself in a situation, remember that your occasional encouraging intuitions are not just comforting distractions.

I feel I have not referred in my letter to his playing the guitar maybe because I can not touch but I finish saying that is one of the better s for me and I want to go ahead practicing every day as John himself says and I hope his solo album. Det är lysande att det går att köpa den skivan idag och få betala för den såhär 25 år senare. I read your latest post on Facebook about the possibility to win a guitare dedicated by all the members of the band. I will always bookmark your blog and will come back down the road. My friend just sent me a video of one of Your solos and I thought I’d try and show you just how much you inspire people like us everyday to pick up a guitar! They are the glowing dials and needles of a natural inner compass that will eventually guide you towards the source of your aspirations.

I want to apologize if this letter is disrespectful in any way, it is not my intention I just wanted to thank all that music and John’s person means to me.

I want to congratulate you and your team for your new signature guitar Paoletti the second is very important for a guitarist to have guitars with his own name, I congratulate to Paoletti Guitars and your team for this new guitar.

I feel I appreciate respect and admiration for him as an artist and as a human being, I admire the Force with which he continued to forward when he lost someone important in his life.

Also although it sounds strange I like his voice and his beautiful blue eyes and deep true in which you can see his soul..

Your Live in Sweden Rockalbum is as good as War of Kings and Bag of Bones too! I’m so so happy that Europe came back and especially that you came back with Europe!


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  4. Is it all things that are psychological or in my head or is there actually something in how we hit it off?

  5. He sported a black watch, retro shades, and a pair of sneakers as he took in the peacefulness of his surroundings.

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